Gift Planning

Legacy Circle

Since 1924, Houston's community leaders have dreamed of creating an organization devoted to caring for the welfare of animals.

Over the years, the Houston Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (Houston SPCA) has achieved fiscal and institutional strength through the support of its members, longtime friends, and volunteers. As a result, Houston SPCA has become a leader in providing services to support animals in need. A vital legacy giving program strengthens our ability to continue to be that beacon of hope for all who enter our doors and ensure we will be a substantial force to animal care for generations to come.

Friends, members, and volunteers who make legacy gifts in their estate planning play a pivotal role in our fiscal stability. Their contributions provide essential financial support for all aspects of Houston SPCA, and we recognize their commitment to our mission by extending to them membership in our Legacy Circle.

Becoming a member of Houston SPCA Legacy Circle is quite simple. In fact, you have already qualified for membership if you have named Houston SPCA in your will or trust or have otherwise included us in your estate plans. When you inform us of your gift, we respect your wishes for participation, recognition, or anonymity, as you prefer. Any details of your donation will be held with the strictest confidence.

Would you please let us know of your plans? We want to say thank you now, rather than to your heirs or executor, and express to you the importance of your gift to the future of Houston SPCA.

For further information, questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our Interim Chief Development Officer, Jamie Spiva, at 713-869-7722 EXT. 141 (713) 869-7722 or at [email protected].